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Mullet Dragon Token was created late one night after some infused peanut butter and a Venti Emporers Cloud as an experiment to accept as payment on mullet and provide relief to hair related businesses that were affected by the pandemic.

 50% (Just like SHIBA INU) of the supply was held back and split into smaller wallets with the point of donating  to hair related charities and small businesses that were affected by the pandemic.  These wallets of charity will remain intact until they reach their goal amount and are donated which you can view on the wallets of charity page.


Mullet Dragon Token was simply created as an FUN EXPERIMENT to raise money, donate, and also as a means to exchange for goods on mullet dragon website, and to experiment with pairing with NFTs.

This is not a typical token or project as we understand this. As far as we know this is the first of its kind so we understand the FUD.  


This is meant for fun, experimental purposes, and charity.  We do not reccommend you purchase any thing, we do not provide financial advice, and we ask you take this into consideration. 

That being said, wen moon?

POO COIN : here

BSC SCAN: here 

The Dev team retained 0-ZERO shares from the creation of this project