Frequently asked questions

Is Mullet Dragon really a Grammy Award Winning Songwriter

Yes. Mullet Dragon has co written, engineered, and co produced two Albums that have won Grammy Awards. Also BIllboard Music Award, American Music Award, and 4 Gospel Music Association Awards. Mullet Dragon has also spent time touring with bigger acts like Snoop Dog and The Killers and Played festivals like Lollapallooza and SXSW. Please note "Mullet Dragon" is a pseudonym and wasn't born with that name, and is able to co write albums for bigger artists and has played in many different bands throughout his mullet dragonish life. (Sorry Haters!!)

Why Cant I find Mullet Dragon Music Yet?

Mullet Dragon is a new Project and has not yet relased any music under this project. First releases coming in July. "Candy Colored Porsche" on all streaming platforms

What are the Charity Wallets

The Wallets were set up for donation to businesses that were hurt by the pandemic in this hair industry. Many around the world are still in lockdown at this time. We do not yet know the exact names of the businesses/Chairties that will be donated to. But all will be made public on this site

Should i Invest in Mullet Dragon Token

By reading this you acknowledge that you resolve Mullet Dragon / Mullet Magic/ mullet Dargon token and its shareholders and it entities of any and all liabilities whatsoever. We do not provide financial reccomendations of any kind. Always do your own research.